ESG at ALLOS: Environmental
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Joining forces for a sustainable future.

At ALLOS, we have a firm commitment to environmental conservation. Through responsible management and the conscientious use of natural resources, we seek to mitigate the environmental impacts of our activities.

We prioritize efficiency in water and energy consumption, proper disposal of waste, and the adoption of renewable sources of energy. We also work to minimize greenhouse gas emissions, helping to fight global warming.

  • 0%

    of the electric power used in our malls is renewable energy.

  • 0.000

    tons of waste were recovered in our shopping malls through recycling and composting, and other similar processes.

  • 0%

    of our shopping malls, thus preventing the overburden of a single water source.

  • 0%

    of the shopping malls manage their waste in a proper and structured manner.