Highlight your brand at the ALLOS Mall
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Highlight your brand with comfort and convenience.

At ALLOS, we believe in the power of commercial planning to boost your brand’s success. At our shopping centers, the mall area is the perfect location to promote your brand with kiosks, events and services, offering your customers comfort and convenience.

  • Kiosks

    Quickly and easily launch your brand at the strategically located kiosks in ALLOS shopping malls. They provide an opportunity to reach your target public directly, thanks to the constant flow of visitors, generating visibility for your business.

  • Events and Activities

    Our malls are also entertainment hubs, perfect for hosting shows, events, circuses and parks. With our privileged locations in major cities, we offer a safe environment, ample parking and a diversified food court, providing a delightful experience for visitors and potential customers for your brand.

  • Services

    Our mix of services is carefully planned to simplify consumers’ lives. At our malls, customers can access the best data coverage to facilitate connection, fun activities for children, easy access to cash withdrawals and even the convenience of being able to get their cars washed while they enjoy their free time at the mall. By integrating your brand with these services, you will be present at important moments in your customers’ lives, increasing your visibility and strengthening your relationship with the public.

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