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Purpose and Values

Our purpose is to connect people, businesses and society, serving and providing delightful experiences every day.

We create delightful and transforming moments, delivering quality in everything we do through the most innovative platform offering entertainment, lifestyle, services and purchases.

This reason for being was based on many conversations and observations about what makes us unique, and it reflects our way of working, collaborating, and creating value for our customers, partners, store owners, shareholders, and society as a whole.

Values and Actions

  • ícone gente


    We promote an open, diverse and inclusive work environment, where we can be who we truly are and treat each other with respect and empathy.

    Treating everyone with respect.
    Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • ícone consumidor


    We put consumers at the center of our decision-making and work to enhance their experiences, whether in a physical or digital environment.

    Serving and providing delightful experiences.
    Seeking to always improve quality.

  • ícone ética


    We do the right thing, regardless of the situation, and we strive to be an example to be followed. We are proud of our reputation and work to protect our image.

    Doing the right thing.
    Being an example.

  • ícone time


    We recognize and value individual and group performance to ensure our company’s success.

    Collaborating towards success of the entire company.
    Recognizing the performance of each person.

  • ícone resultados


    We focus on efficiency, agility and simplicity with a focus on results, to generate long-term value for the company.

    Focusing on agility and simplicity.
    Creating value sustainably.

  • ícone inovação


    We are constantly questioning things, and we believe that it is possible to do things differently. We keep our minds open, learn, and challenge ourselves to improve every day.

    Keeping our minds open.
    Questioning things every day.

  • ícone longo prazo

    Long-Term Vision

    We assume responsibility for making decisions that sustainably strengthen and drive our business over the long term. We do so with a sense of ownership, balancing expected results with business continuity.

    Strengthening and growing our business in a sustainable way.
    Having a sense of ownership.