ESG at ALLOS: social projects
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Transforming lives through culture, education, and sports

At ALLOS, we believe in the transformative power of culture, education and sports. Our commitment is to positively impact the communities where we are present, promoting opportunities and significant improvements in quality of life.

Investing in education in all its forms is a priority for us. Through our malls, we seek to use our distribution and influence to offer access to quality education, training individuals and helping them to enter Brazilian society with dignity.

With respect and empathy, our malls carry out local projects and campaigns for donations throughout Brazil, in order to receive a variety of materials to support vulnerable populations. Through these initiatives, we seek to contribute to improving livings conditions for these communities, promoting inclusion and equality.

Local campaign for social transformation.

Our shopping malls are important agents for bringing improvements to the surrounding communities, with several initiatives regarding particularly Education, Sports, and Culture. Last year, our shopping malls implemented and supported more than 900 social projects all over the country.

Learn more about some social initiatives conducted by the shopping malls managed by ALLOS:

  • Digital Inclusion Program (DIP)
    Shopping Leblon

    A basic computer course for the children, teens, and seniors living at Cruzada São Sebastião and for students from Escola Municipal Santos Anjos, offered in collaboration with Pastoral do Menor, at Paróquia Santos Anjos, next to the Mall.

  • Levante e Lute (Rise and Fight)
    Parangaba Shopping

    Shopping Parangaba, in Fortaleza (CE), supports the Rise and Fight project, which provides judo classes to the children and teens living in its surroundings.

    In addition to sports, the project also supports social inclusion, the monitoring of school-based child development, and the provision of social assistance to socially vulnerable families.

  • Escolinha de Futebol Paulinho Pereira, Tênis para Todos, and Instituto Levante
    Shopping Leblon

    Shopping Leblon, considered the symbol of sophistication in the city of Rio de Janeiro, also inspires changes in the values and habits in its surroundings, favoring inclusion and education by promoting sports.

    More than 200 children of all social classes from Praia do Leblon and Cruzada São Sebastião participate in Escolinha de Futebol Paulinho Pereira. The project Tênis para Todos offers tennis classes to the residents of Vidigal, Pavão Pavãozinho, and other communities near the Shopping Mall. And Instituto Levante, conceived by the athlete Carol Solberg, teaches beach volley in Leblon to children and teens from the Cruzada São Sebastião and Vidigal communities.

  • Escola Boulevard
    Boulevard Shopping Belém

    Education has a direct impact on an individual’s career path and life quality. Therefore, Boulevard Shopping Belém keeps a permanent education project for its employees, in collaboration with Instituto Íris: Escola Boulevard.

    The project provides additional classes to employees who were unable to finish elementary, middle, or high school. Rather than graduating new students, the project aims at improving their self-esteem and giving the conditions for their professional development.

  • Cruzadinho
    Shopping Leblon

    This project is linked to the community’s newspaper, O Cruzadão, and teaches children, residing in Cruzada, the technique to gather and write news to be published in the newspaper.

  • Parque Bengui de Informática
    Parque Shopping Belém

    Together with Instituto Íris, Parque Shopping Belém runs the Project Parque Bengui de Informática, which has the participation of 120 children and teens living in a situation of social vulnerability on the outskirts of the city.

    This 10-month course promotes digital inclusion, offers free professional training, and prepares the youth for the job market.

  • Basic Manga Course
    Shopping Leblon

    Escola de Desenho Daniel Azulay (Daniel Azulay Drawing School) is responsible for this course at Solar Meninos de Luz that is offered to children from the Pavão-Pavãozinho and Cantagalo communities in Copacabana.

  • Collecting bottle caps
    Rio de Janeiro Shopping Malls

    Our Company implements initiatives for the collection of PET bottle caps and can tabs in the shopping malls in Rio de Janeiro. Those are exchanged for wheelchairs which are given to vulnerable people assisted by the institutions Matriz Santa Rosa de Lima and Ação Social Recreio. The donations are also used for the treatment of abandoned animals assisted by Rio Eco Pets and the acquisition of feed.

    The shopping malls that participate in the initiatives are: Shopping Grande Rio, Carioca Shopping, Caxias Shopping, Recreio Shopping, Bangu Shopping, Shopping Leblon, Caxias Shopping, and Via Parque Shopping.