ESG at ALLOS: Governance
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Relations of caring and partnership based on ethics, transparency and legality.

ALLOS is a publicly traded company that adopts the best global practices of Corporate Governance. We follow the B3 “New Market” rules as a basis, and voluntarily comply with the additional standards required under Brazilian law.

We are the only company in the mall industry that is part of the select portfolio of the Corporate Sustainability Index of the stock market (ISE B3), in its 18th year, which runs from January 2 to December 29, 2023. The ISE serves as an indicator for investors that consider good ESG practices to be an important criterion for choosing which stocks to trade, and our historical performance is above the indexes presented by the B3.

Attuned to the challenges presented by climate change, in 2021 we were the first company in the mall industry to report the results of our inventory of greenhouse gas emissions to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in Brazil. In 2022, we positioned ourselves among the companies with well-defined projects and actions to fight and adapt to climate change. The result achieved by ALLOS (B-) is higher than the regional average for South America (C), and higher than the average for the real estate property and development industry (C). In the categories of Governance, Risk Management and Emissions under scopes 1 and 2, we obtained a grade of A, which indicated implementation of best practices.

We put people first

We work to continuously improve our management of collaborators, offering the best occupational and health and safety conditions, and creating opportunities for personal and professional development.

We are committed to creating and promoting an inclusive work environment, which welcomes people of different ethnicities, genders, origins, experience, and profiles, always prioritizing social inclusion and reducing inequality.

In 2023, we became part of the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) 2023. This index measures gender equality across five pillars: leadership and talent pipeline, equal pay and gender pay parity, inclusive culture, sexual harassment policies, and external brand. The GEI 2023 covers 45 countries and regions, and includes 483 global companies from a variety of industries that report gender-related data.

We are engaged in the promotion of gender equity and are working towards ever-higher female inclusion, from the top of the pyramid down to the base. We also work to promote racial equity, in partnership with other major companies on the domestic market, together with MOVER - Movimento pela Equidade Racial (Movement for Racial Equality).

We have a Diversity and Inclusion policy that is guided by respect, human integrity, and the individual aspects of each person, ensuring equality for all collaborators, whether internal or third party, at our offices and malls.